23. Plain cotton casual shirt


Loose shirt, rounded bottom, recycled cotton twill woven in France, 2 large patch pockets, 3 green stitches embroidery.

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Surchemise casual unie en coton recyclé beige

Our casual cotton shirt is 100% recycled

Why produce new materials when we know that 100,000 tons of clothes are thrown away every year? At LATER… we work with what already exists.

We think of clothing differently. It starts with the cotton we use. It is obtained only from old textiles. Once defibered, La filature du parc in Brassac, in the South of France, turns them into new spools of yarn. A way to give life to a stock of clothes destined to be destroyed.

This unique process allows the reuse of the original garment colors. No dyes are added!

A transparent price

We believe that full transparency is a necessary condition for responsible consumption. The cost of materials, clothing but also logistics and wages, we explain the price of this shirt in detail.

Price breakdown
Recycled cotton shirt with beige casual cut for men and women

A recycled cotton twill woven in France

Our cotton twill adopts the traditional characteristics. It meets several of our requirements, the first being quality. You can wear your cotton casual shirt for a long time, twill is not about to run out of steam.

The weaving is done in Castres, at Pierre Calvet. We chose a mixture of recycled cotton (50%) and recycled polyester (50%). The rest is obtained from other fibers, already present in the fabrics before they are recycled.

Produce in small quantities, locally

Logical continuation of the use of old textiles to realize our cotton twill, we make the choice of a close production, using local know-how. L’ensemble de nos pièces sont produites en très petite quantité afin de maîtriser au mieux notre stock. From the thread to the fabric through the buttons, all the steps of making this shirt are made in France and Portugal. This choice allows us to know personally the people who make our clothes. Nous pouvons ainsi tisser des liens forts avec nos partenaires mais également nous assurer nous-mêmes des conditions de travail.

Choosing the right size for your casual cotton shirt

Choose this shirt in your regular size. Its cut is loose for a good comfort.

If in doubt, here is the size guide to help you choose the best shirt for your height and weight. You can also contact us by email or on our social networks for a personalized advise.

Recycled cotton shirt with beige casual cut for men and women

Charlotte, 1m75, 50kg, size S

Recycled cotton shirt with beige casual cut for men and women

Xavier, 1m80, 67kg, size M

A desire to change things

When we launched Later…, we started from an observation: we don’t really know what we are consuming. Where do the materials come from? Where are they processed? In what conditions ? Where does our money go?

With Later… we want to bring full transparency. We want to allow the customer to understand what he is buying but, above all, to understand our approach, our choices and our way of producing.

Later… is a life project. It is the desire to give meaning to clothes, but also to the world of fashion. Getting as close as possible to our values, to what motivates us every day: respecting the environment, respecting people. For this, our pieces are entirely made from 100% recycled fabrics. We also rely on local know-how to offer quality, durable and timeless clothing.