18. Plain Cotton Shirt


Cotton blend flannel shirt. 100% recycled fabric. Straight and fitted cut. Straight bottom. Stitched chest pocket. Buttoned cuffs. Embroidery 3 points tone on tone on the pocket. Woven in France, made in Portugal.
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Understanding the price

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Chemise en flanelle de coton recyclé. Orange et bleu profond.
Chemise en flanelle de coton recyclé orange

The style is in the details

Escaped from our logo, 3 small points came to settle on your heart…

The wrist is one of our signatures. We have worked it so that you can wear it closed, open or rolled up.

100% recycled cotton shirt

Why produce new materials when we know that 100,000 tons of clothes are thrown away every year? At LATER… we make do with what exists. No dye is added!

That’s why we think of clothing differently. This cotton flannel shirt is obtained only from old textiles. Once defibered, our spinner makes new spools. A way to give new life to a stock of clothes destined to be destroyed.

Fils 100% recyclés, tissage en France
Chemise en flanelle de coton recyclé bleu profond

A soft and resistant cotton flannel

For this shirt, we opted for a cotton flannel. Mixed with recycled polyester, we obtain a light, flexible and resistant fabric. Very soft, this flannel meets many of our requirements, starting with quality. Designed to last, the overshirt is not ready to let you go.
Composition : 50% recycled cotton / 50% recycled polyester

Milk buttons!

For the buttons, we chose a material that was commonly used in the late nineteenth century: milk casein. Also called galalith, or milkstone, it has the particularity of being very solid and porous, which allows it to be dyed in all possible colors.

Chemise en coton recyclé et boutons en lait

A transparent price

We believe that total transparency is a necessary condition for responsible consumption. The cost of the materials, of the confection but also of the logistics and the wages, we explain you the price of the shirt in details.

A consigned recycled cotton shirt!

And if you don’t wear that shirt anymore, for whatever reason or age, we will buy it back from you. The deposit is set at 15% of the sale price. This avoids a piece sleeping in a closet and gives it a second life.

Chemise en flanelle de coton recyclé bleu profond

Produce in small quantities, locally

In order to remain consistent with our desire to favor recycled materials, we choose to produce close to home, using local know-how. All our pieces are produced in very small quantities in order to control our stock as much as possible. From the fabrics to the label and the lining, all the steps of the production of this overshirt are made in France and in Portugal. This choice allows us to personally know the people who make our recycled cotton shirts. We can thus build strong links with our partners but also ensure ourselves of the working conditions.

Size guide

For the size, this shirt is quite short and fitted. We recommend going up a size from your usual size if you like to be a little more comfortable.

If in doubt, here is the size guide to help you choose your recycled cotton shirt. Or you can also contact us by email or on our social networks to get a personalized answer.

Surchemise femme, Épure en laine recyclée orange

Dylan is 1.87m tall and weighs 72kg and wears a size Large (L)

Chemise en coton Recyclée vert femme

Maëla is 1.67m tall, weighs 47kg and wears a size Small (S)

Chemise en flanelle de coton recyclé orange

Mr. St Georges is 1.85m tall, weighs 75kg and wears a size Large (L)

Chemise en flanelle de coton recyclé bleu profond

Pape is 1.83m tall, weighs 68kg and wears a size Large (L)

Make your recycled cotton shirt last

This recycled cotton shirt should be cared for with care.
We recommend that you wash it at 30° using the delicate program, or hand wash on your machine without machine drying.
Dry your overshirt flat in the shade.
We do not recommend that you wash this shirt in a professional laundry that uses chemical cleaning.

Broderie LATER, 3 points, chemise en coton recyclé

A desire to change things

When we launched Later…, we started from an observation: we don’t really know what we are consuming. Where do the materials come from? Where are they processed? In what conditions ? Where does our money go?

With Later… we want to bring full transparency. We want to allow the customer to understand what he is buying but, above all, to understand our approach, our choices and our way of producing.

Later… is a life project. It is the desire to give meaning to clothes, but also to the world of fashion. Getting as close as possible to our values, to what motivates us every day: respecting the environment, respecting people. For this, our pieces are entirely made from 100% recycled fabrics. We also rely on local know-how to offer quality, durable and timeless clothing.

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