Life of our products

We buy back your LATER… clothes. We make clothes to wear. Whatever the reason why you do not wear them any more (not the right size, snags, stains,….), we want to get them back to give them a second life or to recycle them.

Please send us an email , and we’ll send you a shipping label so you can send your item back to us. We will also send you a voucher (currently 30 EUR for any LATER overshirt or jacket) for use toward your next LATER purchase.

What do we do with the clothes we buy back?

Our first goal is to keep them in use as clothes. We will patch them up, improve them, or transform the items we receive and then resell them as part of the LATER Vintage Collection.

If the clothes are past that point, we will recycle them at a facility adapted for that item’s specific type of fabric.

Caring for your clothes (≠ Fast Fashion)

Our clothes are made from 100% recycled fabrics.

This means that it may not necessarily last quite as long as new materials. However, this also significantly reduces the environmental impact of their manufacture.

While we cannot promise you a shirt that will last a lifetime, treated right it will be around for years to come. To use them as long as possible, clothes must be properly maintained. It is a shared responsibility.

So to help, we’ve put maintenance pictograms on our labels. If you’re lost, you can find more information on responsible care for your clothes on the CleverCare website

RePack : the reusable package

How to ship while protecting both the clothes and the environment? As with so many other topics, there is no perfect answer. We chose to use reusable packs.

The products you buy from us are shipped in a RePack bag. Once received, deposit it for free in the nearest mailbox. It will be cleaned and re-used about twenty times before being recycled!

The icing on the cake? We take care of the additional cost of this packaging, as it is the only solution we’re comfortable with. more info…