This recycled wool jacket is a piece that we particularly like at LATER… A subtle marriage of comfort, timelessness and style that you can wear for a good part of the year depending on what you associate with it. You will appreciate its strong details such as the button placket at the collar and the back and wrist reinforcements made from offcuts of emblematic striped fabrics from the SAINT JAMES workshops.

Mixed jacket, loose, unlined, slightly dropped shoulders, in 100% recycled wool blend flannel. Reinforcements at the wrists and inside back in sailor cotton. Contrasting outer collar in cotton gabardine with its wool button placket. 2 piped pockets, 1 large patched pocket on the heart side.

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100% recycled

Our wool jacket, like our entire collection, is made with 100% recycled French wool. 100,000 tons of clothes are thrown away every year in France. It was logical for us to make it our raw material. To offer you high quality products we work with experienced and local craftsmen.

A circular model of the textile industry is possible. We are committed from creation to offer you responsible fashion with a style that mixes the elegance of timeless pièces and urban life. LATER… is a responsible alternative to today’s fashion.

Woven in France, made in Portugal

To create the 100% recycled oversized jacket, we knocked on the doors of craftsmen with exceptional know-how in France and Portugal : spinners, weavers, tailors, button makers… It is the addition of their expertise that allows us to obtain the quality of the LATER garments…

These collaborations are essential for us. It is also these encounters that drive us in the LATER… project.

Choose your size

This jacket is loose and relatively short to allow for layering. Choose this jacket in your usual size.

Marylou is 178 cm tall and wears M.
Pape is 184 cm tall and wears M.

Still not sure of your size ? Write us...

A wool sheet of unique quality

Our wool sheet adopts the characteristics of a traditional wool flannel. From its soft feel to its thickness that makes the piece warm and comfortable, it meets many of our requirements, the first being quality. You can wear the jacket for a long time, the wool sheet is not ready to run out of steam.

The weaving is done in Castres, at Pierre Calvet. For the oversized jacket, we chose a mix of recycled wool (70%) and recycled polyamide (25%). The rest is obtained from other fibers, already present in the fabrics before they are recycled. The collar yokes are made of recycled cotton (50%) and recycled polyester (50%) gabardine.

Finally, we used fabric scraps from the SAINT JAMES workshops to make the reinforcement inside the back, with their emblematic stripes.

buttons made of milk !

For the buttons, we chose a material that was commonly used in the late XIXth century : milk casein. Also called galalith, or milkstone, it has the particularity of being very strong and porous, which allows it to be dyed in all possible colors.

A meeting of shared values

Born from the meeting of women and men who share the same values, on both sides of the Coësnon, this recycled capsule is a river towards a more virtuous future, a modern way of dealing with the existing.