19. Wool Casual Overshirt


Loose-fitting overshirt, rounded bottom, recycled wool cloth woven in France, 2 large patch pockets, 3-dots contrast embroidery.

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A thick and comfortable overshirt

This piece has a hybrid shape between a shirt and a lumberjack overshirt and is suitable for all seasons. Inspired by pea coats, its thick wool sheet woven in France brings a comforting quality to this overshirt. Over a t-shirt, a shirt or a hoodie, it is a tasty mix of traditional codes and sportswear details. It remains more than ever timeless.

Surchemise en laine recyclée épaisse et confortable
Etiquette de la surchemise en laine 100% recyclée, tissée en France

Our wool overshirt is 100% recycled

Why produce new materials when we know that 100,000 tons of clothes are thrown away every year? At LATER… we work with what exists.

We think of clothing differently. This starts with the wool sheet we use. It is obtained only from old textiles. Once defibered, La filature du parc in Brassac, in the South of France, makes new spools of yarn. This is a way to give new life to a stock of clothes destined to be destroyed.

This unique process allows to reuse the colors of the original clothes. No dye is added!

A transparent price

We believe that full transparency is a necessary condition for responsible consumption. The cost of materials, clothing but also logistics and wages, we explain the price of this overshirt in detail.

Surchemise en laine recyclée et tissée en France

A recycled wool woven in France

Our recycled wool adopts the characteristics of a traditional wool sheet. From its soft feel to its thickness that makes the piece warm and comfortable, it meets many of our requirements, the first being quality. You can wear the Epure for a long time, the wool sheet is not ready to run out of steam.

The weaving is done in Castres, at Pierre Calvet. We chose a mixture of recycled wool (70%) and recycled polyamide (25%). The rest is obtained from other fibers, already present in the fabrics before they are recycled.

Produce in small quantities, locally

Logical continuation of the use of old textiles to realize our wool sheet, we make the choice of a close production, using local know-how. All our pieces are produced in very small quantities in order to control our stock as much as possible. From the thread to the fabric and the buttons, all the steps of the making of this overshirt are made in France and Portugal. This choice allows us to know personally the people who make our overshirts. We can thus build strong links with our partners but also ensure ourselves of the working conditions.

Une surchemise consignée pour lui offrir une seconde vie si vous ne la portez plus.

A returnable overshirt!

And if you don’t wear that shirt anymore, for whatever reason or age, we will buy it back from you. The deposit is set at 15% of the selling price. This avoids a piece sleeping in a closet and gives it a second life.

Size guide

Choose this overshirt in your usual size. If you like to be very comfortable, choose a size up.

In case of doubt, here is the size guide to help you choose your overshirt according to your height and weight. You can also contact us by email or on our social networks to get a personalized answer.

grise en laine 100% recyclée tissée en France

Jerome is 184 cm tall, weighs 78kg and is wearing a size L in this picture.

Surchemise casual kaki en laine 100% recyclée tissée en France

Pape is 184 cm tall, weighs 65 kg and is wearing a size M in this photo.

A desire to change things

When we launched Later…, we started from an observation: we don’t really know what we are consuming. Where do the materials come from? Where are they processed? In what conditions ? Where does our money go?

With Later… we want to bring full transparency. We want to allow the customer to understand what he is buying but, above all, to understand our approach, our choices and our way of producing.

Later… is a life project. It is the desire to give meaning to clothes, but also to the world of fashion. Getting as close as possible to our values, to what motivates us every day: respecting the environment, respecting people. For this, our pieces are entirely made from 100% recycled fabrics. We also rely on local know-how to offer quality, durable and timeless clothing.

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