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BACK TO [the old] SCHOOL

We’re back to present the first capsule of this Fall/Winter 23 season. Back to LATER’s (not so old) roots… A drop thought around the essential piece of our wardrobe, the wool overshirt.

A unique quality recycled wool sheet

Our recycled wool takes on the characteristics of a traditional wool sheet. Whether it’s its soft feel or its thickness that makes the piece warm and comfortable, it meets many of our requirements, the first of which is quality. You can wear our oversheets for a long time, the wool sheet is not about to run out of steam.

Produce in small quantities, locally

All our parts are produced in very small quantities in order to control our stock. From the thread to the fabric and the buttons, all the steps of the making of the Epure are made in France and in Portugal. This choice allows us to know personally the people who make our oversheets. This enables us to forge strong links with our partners.










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LATER… The project

Our commitments

LATER is about respect for the planet and the people on it. In an effort toward the planet, we focus on recycled materials, we limit our ecological impact through minimizing our consumption and offsetting what we do consume. For the people, we partner regionally with those who share our values, who pay living wages, and who are committed to seeing a more responsible approach to fashion.

100% recycled

All of the yarns that we use to make our fabrics are 100% recycled. They are made from old textiles sorted at collection points and then sent to our mills for shredding and being re-spun into “new” recycled yarn.