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Navy and orange reversible sleeveless jacket. 2 large double pockets inside and out, ribbed collar, reversible zip, “3-point” embroidery on chest.
Recycled French fabric, made in Portugal.

Full transparency

Shipping in 2-4 days in France & Europe / 4-8 days outside Europe
Free delivery in Europe for orders over 200€.

100% Recycled

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100% recycled material

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LATER… x Lucallaccio

The reversible sleeveless jacket came into being as we exchanged ideas, and it’s been an honor and a pleasure to work with Luca!

Luca brought his expertise and sharp eye for style, while we emphasized our commitment to quality materials and sustainable practices.

We spent hours fine-tuning every detail, choosing fabrics, imagining functionality, creating a piece that resonates with those who share our love of fashion and respect for the environment.

We are delighted to present this unique collaboration. Join us on this adventure!

Heads or tails

This reversible sleeveless jacket is the ideal companion to complete any outfit, adding a touch of elegance and comfort.

Depending on your mood or the day’s weather, pair it with casual jeans, chino pants or even a suit!

You can use it as a spring jacket or as an overcoat over a warmer-sleeved piece. It will also work well between a sweater and a coat on cooler days.

Versatile and hard-wearing, it’s equally at home in the city or in the great outdoors.

Psst! do you like these looks? the pants go on pre-order on April 5, so sign up to make sure you don’t miss out…

La veste réversible sans manche homme en collaboration entre Later et Lucallaccio
La veste réversible sans manche homme en collaboration entre Later et Lucallaccio

100% fibres recyclées

This reversible jacket, like our entire collection, is made from 100% recycled fabrics..

100 000 tonnes de vêtements sont jetées chaque année en France, c’est notre matière première.

Once these old textiles have been defibered, our spinner turns them into new spools of yarn to weave into our garments. It’s a way of giving a second life to our used parts.

Two high-resistance fabrics

The navy twill fabric used for this jacket is woven with cotton yarn mixed with polyester, both recycled. This weave, known as 2 and 1, gives this gabardine impeccable hold over time.
Composition : 50% coton recyclé / 50% polyester recyclé

On the other hand, we chose an orange recycled polyamide, called ripstop for its exceptional ability to contain tears thanks to the structure of its weave.. The thread is made in Italy using Q-Nova technology to guarantee high-performance quality. This fabric is also windproof and water-repellent.
Composition: 100% recycled polyamide

La veste réversible sans manche homme en collaboration entre Later et Lucallaccio détails de la poche côté orange

245 € instead of 290 €

Commander à l’avance permet de ne produire que ce que l’on a acheté et d’éviter tout gaspillage. This allows us to reduce costs while maintaining our high standards in terms of quality and the environment without impacting working conditions.

It’s this win-win production model that enables us to offer you a lower price.

We believe that full transparency is a necessary condition for responsible consumption. Le coût des matériaux, de la confection mais aussi de la logistique et des salaires, nous expliquons le prix de cette veste en détail.

Local production

Pour rester cohérent avec notre volonté de privilégier les matériaux recyclés, nous faisons le choix d’une production proche, utilisant un savoir-faire local. From the fabrics to the label and buttons, every stage in the making of this jacket is carried out between France, Italy and Portugal. This choice allows us to meet all the people involved in the creation of these reversible sleeveless jackets, and to guarantee that they work in dignified conditions.

La veste réversible sans manche femme en collaboration entre Later et Lucallaccio

A consigned jacket!

And if you don’t wear that jacket anymore, for whatever reason or age, we’ll buy it back from you. The deposit is set at 15% of the sale price. This avoids letting a piece sit in a closet, and gives it a second life.

La veste réversible sans manche homme en collaboration entre Later et Lucallaccio

Luca, 1m77, 77 kg, size L

La veste réversible sans manche femme en collaboration entre Later et Lucallaccio

Romane, 1m68, 52 kg, size L

Size guide to our LATER jacket… x Lucallaccio

This jacket is designed to fit comfortably in your usual size.
If you’re in any doubt, drop us a line and Benoît, who designed the piece with Luca, will personally advise you on the best size for you.

Grille des tailles
La veste réversible sans manche en collaboration entre Later et Lucallaccio, Benoît et Luca

A desire to change things

LATER… , it is a life project. It is the desire to give meaning to clothes, but also to the world of fashion. Getting as close as possible to our values, to what motivates us every day: respecting the environment, respecting people.

LATER… is also, and perhaps above all, a story of encounters. They enliven us, nourish us, make us think and are a great source of pleasure. The encounter with Luca ticks all these boxes, and we hope you too will enjoy discovering the play that came out of it.

Benoît & Benjamin