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We are adjusting to the new realities and constraints imposed by the COVID-19 pandemic, with so much still unknown.

Currently the entire LATER team is in lockdown in Rennes and Paris, France. While we believe in the LATER project, we recognize that our products are not critical in the current struggle to manage this virus. We do not want to place anybody in the delivery chain at an increased risk of exposure. Therefore we have chosen to stop all shipments until the situation is better controlled.

An essential part of the LATER project are the relationships we create. We continue to work on the project and with our partners, trying to move forward responsibly where possible – working together so that when the time is right we can recover and grow together.

As always, hearing from you would be a pleasure. If you have anything to share, from thoughts on how LATER could help during the pandemic to letting us know how you’re handling these times – please send an email to or visit us on social media.

Benoit, Benjamin, Sanjeev