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Are the cords of the sweatshirts also 100% recycled ?? Yes ! Just like the small neck tape, the brand label and even the size label.

For such small amounts, the investment in time, money and CO2 is disproportionate! We know it.

Pile de sweats LATER

The 3 colors of the first LATER’s recycled sweatshirts

It’s extreme but for us it makes sense:

At LATER, we believe that the biggest impact of our approach is to change consumption habits and production practices.

To develop this sweatshirt, 3 French and 2 Portuguese companies were involved and have experienced the use of recycled materials. 3 new 100% recycled products will be offered in their catalogs, 2 technical improvements have been identified, several French ready-to-wear brands now want to use the same materials.

Bobine de fil 100% recyclé pendant le tricotage du molleton

100% recycled yarn

And also, you will be 67 people to tell this story to your friends when they ask you where your sweatshirt comes from.

You want to see them ? They are here.

LATER is now…