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Wool blend overshirt in 100% recycled fabric. Oversized cut, dropped shoulder. Slightly rounded hem, short.
Wide sleeves. Casein buttons. Stitched collar. External reinforcement of with black-fabric collar and button placket. Large patch chest pocket. Internal reinforcement on wrist with black-fabric.
Two welt pockets. Inside pocket.

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The BOULE jacket is a piece that we are particularly fond of at LATER…, a subtle marriage of comfort, timelessness and style.

It is a mixed jacket, woolen, unlined, quite loose, with a drop shoulder, that you can wear most of the year depending on what you associate with it.

What we like most about this piece is its versatility. It can be worn very chic because of its color and its noble material. But it will also replace your best sweater with a white t-shirt, an old pair of sneakers and well-worn jeans.

That’s LATER…, a good classic, with a little twist that you can always make your own.


Style is in the details

The collar of the oversized jacket is overstitched to provide optimal support.

Its back is dressed with an ecru fabric to strengthen it.

And it is also on its back that is mounted a button placket, ideal to protect from the cold or give a different style to the jacket.

Pre-ordering is a win-win situation!

A circular model of the textile industry is possible. Pre-ordering is an alternativ and innovative production principle.

How does it work? You place your order. We launch a single production and deliver as soon as it is ready.

This allows you to pay less thanks to the higher volume, to give visibility to suppliers so that they work in good conditions, and to preserve the planet by producing only what is useful.

100% recycled

Our wool jacket, like our entire collection, is made with 100% recycled fabrics. 100 000 tons of clothes are thrown away every year in France. It was logical for us to transform these old clothes into our raw material. To offer you high quality products we work with local artisans.

A circular model of the textile industry is possible. We are committed from creation to delivery to offer you responsible fashion with a style that mixes the elegance of timeless clothes and urban life. LATER… is a sustainable alternative to today’s fashion.

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Woven in France, made in Portugal

To create the 100% recycled BOULE jacket, we knocked on the doors of craftsmen with exceptional know-how in France and Portugal: spinners, weavers, tailors, button makers… It is the addition of their expertise that allows us to obtain the quality of the LATER… garments…

These collaborations are essential for us. It is also what drives us in the LATER project…

A transparent price

We believe that full transparency is a necessary condition for responsible consumption. The cost of materials, clothing but also logistics and wages, we explain the price of this jacket in detail.

Choose your size

This jacket is loose and relatively short to allow for layering. Choose this jacket in your usual size.

Or you can also contact us by mail or on our social networks for a personalized answer.

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A desire to change things

When we launched Later…, we started from an observation: we don’t really know what we are consuming. Where do the materials come from? Where are they processed? In what conditions ? Where does our money go?

With Later… we want to bring full transparency. We want to allow the customer to understand what he is buying but, above all, to understand our approach, our choices and our way of producing.

Later… is a life project. It is the desire to give meaning to clothes, but also to the world of fashion. Getting as close as possible to our values, to what motivates us every day: respecting the environment, respecting people. For this, our pieces are entirely made from 100% recycled fabrics. We also rely on local know-how to offer quality, durable and timeless clothing.

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