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3 ideas you support by wearing your LATER overshirt…

Wearing LATER… is first and most essential to please yourself with a piece you feel good in. But that’s not all. Buying a LATER garment also means adhering to values and defending an economic model that distributes wealth more fairly and limits the impact on our planet.

Let’s reuse our waste !


100,000 tons of clothes are thrown away every year, that’s our raw material. Our fabrics are made only from old clothes. Concretely, our spinner buys clothes that are too worn to be worn as they are, he defibers them thanks to a unique process, makes a stuffing from which he makes a new yarn. All this is done without adding any dye! It is this 100% recycled yarn that is then used to weave our exclusive wool sheets and cotton flannels.

Produce less and better


Making less and more often is first and foremost about making as little as possible. At LATER…, we have chosen to leave the logic of seasonal collections to favor small, more frequent productions. This is also our economic reality, the one imposed by a reasonable mark up.

Quality is inseparable from the pleasure of wearing a garment. Precision of the finishes, touch of the materials, robustness of the seams or comfort when worn. Every detail contributes to the emotion of a beautiful piece. It is also a guarantee of durability, without which all our efforts to limit our impact would be in vain.

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rencontre avec Luc , le président de TRICOTSAINT JAMES
Benjamin and Benoît (Co-founders of LATER…) with Luc Lesénécal (President of Tricots SAINT JAMES) at Filatures du Parc.

Let’s maintain relationships


What is important to us in the notion of local production, in addition to the number of kilometers that our clothes travel before you wear them, is the proximity that we can create with our partners.

In France, as in Portugal, we have developed a unique complicity with each of the workshops that work to make our clothes. In addition to making our exchanges pleasant, it is the breeding ground for our imagination to come up with innovative solutions to the challenges we have set ourselves (quality, recycled materials, fair price).

Milk buttons, reusable parcels, deposits, LATER wear… there are many other things you can discover on our site.